Recycle Michael interviews Gary Liss about the meaning of Zero Waste and his plan(s) to make it happen. Gary Liss has over 45 years of experience in solid waste and recycling and is President of his own consulting firm, Gary Liss & Associates. Mr. Liss is a leading advocate of Zero Waste and has helped more communities develop Zero Waste plans than anyone else in the U.S. including: City of Los Angeles, Palo Alto, Oakland, Burbank, San Jose, City of Alameda, Oceanside, Glendale and Del Norte County in CA; Austin (TX); Nelson (BC); Telluride (CO); the Big Island of Hawaii (HI), Arkadelphia (AR) and Fort Collins, CO). He led a team to develop a Community Recycling Ordinance for Fort Collins, CO. He just completed working on a Zero Waste Plan for the City of Boston, MA and an update of the Palo Alto Zero Waste Plan.

He also has helped major businesses (e.g. Sandia National Laboratories and Nestle Purina) and colleges (e.g. California State University Long Beach and California State University Los Angeles) develop Zero Waste Plans. He helped USEPA develop a “Zero Waste community planning assessment tool”.
He served on the Loomis Town Council and was Mayor in 2010.

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