Recycle Michael interviews Green Mary on Earth Day.

Mary Munat “Green Mary” tells her story about getting inspired to make events Zero Waste.

Mary Munat entered the waste diversion world from her position as Human Resources Manager with The Health and Harmony Festival in Sonoma County in 2001. There, working in the role of volunteer coordinator, she heard environmental activist Julia Butterfly Hill speaking on the urgency of all event-goers to heed their environmental impact out at public events. Green light bulbs went off.
All systems aligned internally and socially to give birth to a local industry. Within three years, before “greening” was even a verb, Green Mary moved from one local festival to greening a dozen, to over 200 event-related dates in 2015. She helped shift the focus from recycling and throw away items to highly compostable food service wares, ensuring that everything that can be composted or re-used is diverted from the landfill.

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