Recycle Michael interviewing Tracie Onstad Bills for International Women’s Day. They discuss doing business outreaching the age of Covid19, California’s SB1383 and other topics related to the journey towards Zero Waste.

Tracie Bills has over 25 years of materials management experience, including working for a hauler, a county government, and a non-profit; she also has over 15 years with materials management consulting firms. She has provided commercial sector materials flow assessments, organics processing research and analysis, waste characterization studies, and recycling, organics and waste management technical assistance to government agencies, schools, multi-family dwellings and businesses. Ms. Bills has an environmental science degree from San Jose State, is the Past President of the SWANA Gold Rush Chapter, and a member of the National Recycling Coalition, and the Northern California Recycling Association. She is also the Executive Director for the California Resource Recovery Association.

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