Recycle Michael interviews Nik Balachandran, Founder and CEO of Zabble Inc. and certified TRUE™ Zero Waste Advisor. During the Conversation, Michael coins the term “Garbology 2.0” as they discuss technology and waste reduction.

Nik’s passion for hiking and open water swimming led him into the waste industry, after he kept encountering trash in otherwise beautiful natural areas. Driven to take on the growing problem of waste, Nik realized a crucial piece was missing from zero waste initiatives: data. In 2016, he founded Zabble Inc. to create a SaaS platform with mobile and cloud technology, to help large educational institutions and corporate organizations track their zero waste programs and gain real-time insights into their waste stream. Prior to this, Nik worked at seminal startups in the San Francisco Bay Area bringing new ideas to life in the areas of noise cancellation, clinical data analysis, patient medication adherence and indoor air quality. In addition to his role as CEO of Zabble, Nik also serves as a board member for Northern California Recycling Association (NCRA), and actively participates in zero waste advocacy.

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