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The new business model - the triple bottom line

Waste Busters provides a variety of services to help make your business save money and improve its environmental performance. By embracing the triple bottom line, People, Planet, Profit, businesses can be a strong force for positive change.

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How Waste Busters can work for you and your business

Business Services:
Waste Assessment - It is important to know where you are at before implementing new programs. Waste Busters will perform a detailed composition study of your waste stream, identifying and quantifying materials being discarded, where they are going, how much it is costing your company and the Green House Gas (GHG) emissions associated with current waste management practices.

Waste Reduction Plan - After having a through understanding of the current situation, working with your company, Waste Busters can generate a plan to improve recycling and reduce waste. Depending on your needs and business type, this can include bin and signage needs, product replacement or alternative purchasing practices, compost programs, employee training, incentives for participation and a plan to track progress in order to observe and improve.

Continued Assessment and Consulting - After implementing a Waste Reduction Plan, it is important to track benefits. Waste Busters will make a report detailing GHG savings, cost avoidance savings, and waste reduction statistics. We can continue to make recommendations and assess progress until your company achieves Zero Waste.

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