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Zero Waste Events - Greening your event

With over 5 years of Zero Waste Event experience, Waste Busters can help you reduce the waste stream and environmental impact of your event. Many events that choose Zero Waste as a goal end up reducing their waste and diverting over 90% of remaining discards into recycling and composting.

One way Zero Waste events help cool the planet is by avoiding the land filling of organics - a major source of methane emissions and contributor to global warming. Recycling also reduces pollution while saving energy and the need to extract more natural resources. Finding ways to eliminate waste and to "close the loop" is our specialty.

Event participants appreciate the ability to compost and "be green" making them feel better at your event and about your commitment to protecting the planet.

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How Waste Busters can work for you and your event

Event Services:
Advance planning steps - Coordinating with event planners, vendors, and participants to minimize waste and solicit widespread adoption and cooperation in meeting this goal.

Creation of a Zero Waste Plan for the event - Many cities now require Waste Management Plans for larger events. Waste Busters will make this plan for you, detailing logistical needs, haulers, vendors, volunteer or labor needs, bin locations around your event and the ultimate destination of the materials discarded at your event.

Onsite management of waste collection during the event - Including bin and signage placement, source separation of discarded materials, volunteer coordination and cleanup.

Thorough reporting and tracking - A post event report will detail steps taken to minimize waste and sort and collect recycling. All materials will be accounted for and reported to track the progress of your event year to year. Also, recommendations to improve practices for future events.

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